Post-Big Bad Con and Pre-Metatopia

Hello to everyone who is excited about this game!

Updates have been a little slow lately due to singlehandedly organizing an IRL zine fest and then attending Big Bad Con in California (I live in Connecticut). I’m now in the 3 weeks of semi-free time when I can work on the game again (and I already have been!) before I’ll be alpha play testing it at Metatopia! I received one of the 8 IGDN Metatopia sponsorships (and a partial scholarship that allowed me to attend Big Bad Con), and have gotten positive reactions when sharing what I’ve worked on thus far at networking events and new Big Bad Con friends, so I now have some evidence to combat my imposter syndrome around being new to ttrpgs. Apparently this can also be a potential strength, since I won’t be making the assumptions that someone who’s been in this world for a while would make!

Sometime after Metatopia I’ll use the feedback I receive to release a beta version of the game, which people who have pre-ordered the game will be able to download! I’ll also potentially be at PAX Unplugged, so keep your eyes open for updates! (Also, I’m “attending” Gauntlet Con, an online indie rpg con, but mostly as a player, though I’ll also be using it as an educational opportunity.)


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