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Over Water, Under Hill is a fantasy visual novel with RPG elements I've been working on for a while, but still haven't finished. I originally started working on it for Maximum Monster Month, and then for Ace Jam, but still haven't finished it for a variety of reasons, mainly mental health issues.

The visual novel is essentially about a biromantic asexual demon named Aelith and a homoromantic asexual siren named Neria teaming up to fight pirates and potentially fall in love or become non-romantic partners. To give a little more detail: The story begins with Aelith being summoned by a crew of pirates to do their bidding and lead them to gold. But then the pirates run into stormy seas and sirens, including Neria, who has never been very good at luring men to their doom, but ends up unintentionally rescuing Aelith and stealing her summoning crystal from the pirate captain. But the pirates are willing to go to great lengths to get Aelith back, and there's the small matter of Aelith being blood bound to the pirate captain. If he is defeated, she goes back to the world of demons, the Under Hell/Hill. And Aelith and Neria are starting to care for each other...

To be honest, I'm nowhere near finishing the game, though I have it all plotted out. I still have a lot of art and writing to do. But I'm putting this up now anyway so people who find Ace Jam in the future will see that this game was partially made for it.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreVisual Novel
Tagsasexual, asexuality, biromantic, demon, Fantasy, Lesbian, Pirates, Romance, siren, Yuri

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