That Millennial nostalgia for the internet of the mid-2000s got to me, so I made a random generator to spit out personal website names/titles in the way that teen girls of that time tended to name them. Anyone else have weirdly powerful nostalgia for this stuff? ...I kind of think I made a monster. 

Also, I'll probably continue to update this. List suggestions for words to add into the comments!

EDIT: Now featuring an authentic mid-00s pixel art background that I drew as a teenager!

EDIT AGAIN: Added in words and bits from real mid-00s teen girl personal websites from my old favorites folder from 2009!

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i am, fireescape

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Congrats on being the 8th best rated Generator!

Kept hitting the button to see what the smallest could be! Found Goth99 and _Mist_!

Such variety!


your background is legit amazing

- bitchyrawr


Beautiful! I was already in my ’20s by then so I can neither confirm nor deny the content, but it makes me wish I had seen this stuff first hand! :3


This gave me an instant nostalgia boost, what a truly delightful generator!


hi yes I am absolutely going to end up using this for something, having a generator for aughts-era usernames is gonna be so helpful for the kind of stuff I make